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British Coin Forum - websites on British pre-decimal coins,. lead to their own catagories being set up.

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Australian Pre-Decimal Coin Set 1911 - 1936 King George V Portrait Set.Before 1900 Australia was a British Colony and used English coinage as legal tender.

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A British 1970 Proof Set (Last Sterling) would be the last ever pre-decimal set issued.

Crown (British coin) The British crown, the successor to the.Australian HALFPENNY set. PLUS brand new coin album and six pages,.

Australian Pre-Decimal Coin Values - Florin 1911 to 1964. Australian Pre-Decimal Coin Values.

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QEII Pre-Decimal Type Set 50% Silver: This set was produced by Sherwood just before they merged with Downies, still comes up from time to time.The 10 cent coin was introduced by the island country of New Zealand in 1967, replacing the pre-decimal shilling coin of the same value after the country decimalized.A huge range of new zealand pre-decimal numismatic items from complete date sets 1935-1965 to high grade key dates such as the 1936 Florin and the 1935 Three pence.

Format Float to n decimal places. You can easily use it to take a number and give it a set number of decimal places. Edit. Java: variable decimal length.

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The Old Currency Exchange is a specialist dealer and valuer of coins, tokens and banknotes The best-stocked coin and banknote shop in Ireland.

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Those old coins could be worth a mint. Fri. More than 120,000 extra set to pay tax at.

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What is Enum in Java Enum in Java is a keyword, a feature which is used to represent fixed number of well-known values in Java, For example, Number of days in Week.

In all of the examples I use standard US notation of commas representing a numeric group separator and period as a decimal point.

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Australian silver pre decimal coins were minted with 50% silver until 1964 when.Drake Sterling Numismatics was established 2007, and specialises in quality PCGS-graded Australian gold coins, silver coins, and copper coins, including Colonial.Photo about retro,. cash, shillings, half, pennies, coin, english, decimal, hapenny, details.